CB System Board to Board Connector .....


The system CB includes1.27mm (.050"), 2.00mm(.098") and standard 2.54mm (.050") center spacing Board to Board connectors. They are available for pin through holes or surface mount version in many of body height to meet customers application board to board requirements.

A number of design features have been included in CB system, the connector stand-off prevents flux wicking problem during soldering process, conventional glass filled polyesters, which are suitable wave soldered connectors.

Typically, surface mount connectors should be able to withstand 230XC for 30 seconds, and in extreme cases 260XC for 10 seconds.

Additionally, many of CvilLux Board to Board connectors are available with optional alignment pins or locking clips to help the lead properly position on the pad and assures the highest quality fillet. They can mate CviLux CH system offers complete design flexibility for board-to-board connections.

This system is popular used in Computers, Peripherals, Test Equipment, Medical, Instrumentation and any other commercial applications that need ultra high density interconnects.