CA System Flat Cable - IDC  .....


The system CA IDC connectors includes connector for 0.635mm, 1.00mm(.039") and standard 1.27mm(.050" flat ribbon cables. CviLux offers wide ranges of connector to meet mardet demand today. They can mate our system CH latching headers, box headers and breadaway pin headers in various of configurations for wire-to-board connectors.

These connectors with either dual beam contact offering enhanced security in high vibration assembly operations, and a lower Cost single contact beam product, offering all the performance advantages of its dual beam counter- parts. All families ate easy to assembly with above mentioned ribbon cable.

Contacts of connector come in a choice of plating styles, they can provide all the options necessary to meet low cost but high reliability requirement, Molded polarizing ribs will insure correct connection while mate pin headers on the board.

This connector's system is common using in Computers, Peripherals, Modems, Test Equipment, Medical, Instrumentation, Control Devices and any other commercial applications that need ultra high density wire-to-board interconnects.

For special requirement excluding in this catalogue, please consult our sales agent or factory for information.