CU System USB & IEEE 1394 Connectors .....


The CviLux CU System includes USB, Mini USB, IEEE 1394 and DVI connectors; they can be used as a low cost, high-speed way to interconnect peripheral devices.

The USB System is a complete interconnection technology with Plug and Play capability for I/O devices, including: keyboards, mice, game ports, serial port devices, digital audio, printers, scanners, modems, joy sticks, and other telecommunication devices.

They were designed for outside-of-box, the system consists of a single 4-position boardmount receptacle and plug for over molded cable assemblies. Board mount receptacles are available in standard Type A and B, stacked Type A configurations adding to the system's versatility to meet all USB applications. They provide bi-directional, simultaneous signals for full speed 12 mbps or for low speed 1.5 mbps used in Universal Serial Bus (USB) Systems.

The IEEE 1394 series perform high-speed way for connection between peripheral devices, This product has been implemented in applications connecting video cameras to PC's and set top boxes for home entertainment systems.

The DVI connector supports both analog and digital signals with excellent EMI/RFI performance, it supports up to 4.95 Gbps over a single link and 9.9 Gbps over a dual link and provide plug and play interface.

All above connector with hot plug able feature permits attaching or detaching peripherals without power down or reboot.