CS System Sockets, Shunts & Slot Connectors ....


CviLux System CS contains pin grid array (PGA) socket, Dip socket, staggered (Zig -Zag) strips, zero Insertion Force (ZIF) PGA socket, SIMM socket and slot connectors.

The PGA socket with Interconnect pin and receptacle solder tail that equipped with machined male or female Stamped contacts, Receptacles have soft contact 6 finger clips assuring low insertion/with-drawl forces. ZIF sockets are for INTEL( Pentium processors, The Number of contacts available from 169 to 320. They were designed to meet the needs of high density and miniature interconnections.

Dual in line sockets with stamped contacts made of tin plated phosphor bronze combine low cost with good contact reliability and low electrical resistance, This is most popular line of CviLux System CA.

These sockets come in a choice of selective gold plating styles, Most of insulator is side and end stackable and suitable automatic insertion systems, its design minimizes wicking and flux contamination during soldering.

These sockets are common used in Computer, Office automation, Medical equipment, Communications, controls, Instrumentation and others compact commercial applications that require reliable connections.

For custom made sockets, please consult our sales agent or factory for information.