CP System Power Connectors .....


The CP system power connector includes several of center spacing receptacle and plug connectors, Connector housings available in Nylon 66 with flammability rating of UL 94V-2 or UL 94V-0. The Male and Female crimp ter-minals standard plating is Tin-Lead, it is options to accommodate wide range wires to meet your requirement.

This power connector family constructed with free hanging or panel mounted wire-to-board and wire-to-wire config-urations.The connectors housing designed features including with positive polarization, Furthermore, the latching lock and locking tab is useful in high vibration assembly operations and situation where assembly free hanging in equipment.

Molded mounting peg of headers will assure the lead is properly positioned on the pad, thus assuring the highest quality solder fillet. It also prevents damage of printed circuitry while connect and disconnect.

This system is popular using in Home Appliance, Computers, Power Supply unit and Automobile industry for wire-to-board interconnect.