COMBO System Combination D-SUB Connectors .....


The system CD COMBO D-subminiature, includes coaxial and high power contact in different shell size and combination, these connectors are available in solder, crimp and board mount types. Its contacts come in a choice of gold plating styles, the coaxial contact available in 50 ohms or 75 ohms to meet your application requirement. The current rating of high power contact can up to 40 Amps.

They were designed with various of optional hard ware accessories and provide function of industry need. Both vertical and right angle board mount connectors are available with optional board locks to hold the connector in place and provide added stability to ensure the lead is properly positioned on the board before soldering.

These I/O connectors with a variety of connector face mounting options, they are common using in control device; Test Equipment, Medical, Instrumentation and any other power supply applications that require reliable connections. A number of design features have been included in this system.

For special requirement excluding in this catalogue, please consult our sales agent or factory for information.