CJ System Telephone Jacks & Modular Plugs .....


System CJ contains splice termination regular modular plugs, category 5 modular plugs and board mount and surface mount telephone jacks. The modular plug with double strain-relief for either round or flat oval cables options with shielded and mates with FCC-60 style jacks.

The jacks mate FCC-68 plugs with wide range selection in single or multi-ports per customer's applications requirement. They designed with flange mount, flush mount for panel. Its design minimizes wicking and flux contamination and with PC board clip to secure jacks on board during soldering process.

This system comes in a choice for various of gold plating thickness , they are available for metal shielded, panel ground or ground hooks for use in critical I/O applications. The multi-ports and stacked phone jacks are available for right angle or vertical types for high density demand and space saving.

These sockets are common using in Modems, Office automation, Medical equipment, Communications, Bar code readers, Instrumentation and others compact commercial applications that require reliable connections.