CI System Interconnecting Connectors .....


The CI system Interconnecting connectors includes variety of center spacing from 2.00mm(.079") through 10.00mm (.396"), this family product is comprised of straight and right angle headers and crimp clip terminal connectors in various of version.

The connectors housing designed features including friction lock, polarizing key or ribs prevent wrong connection with headers. The pin headers are available with optional alignment pins in straight and right angle versions, insulator base constructed with friction locking wall, breakaway, shrouded, and end to end stackable. The PCB mounting pegs or kinked pins are able to help the lead properly positioned on the board and assures the highest quality fillet. The headers standoffs prevent flux wicking during soldering process. Our wide range products for your option to use in variety of signal circuitry or power device applications.

It is fully intermateable & interchangeable with CviLux CI - Interconnecting connectors to create thousands of different configurations and offers complete design flexibility for wire-to-board connections.

CviLux is capable for application tooling such as wire cutting & stripping machines, Termination machines or low cost hand tool for customer harnessing operation needed.

This system is popular using in Home Appliance, Television, Monitors, Computers, Power Supply unit and many other consumer's and commercial applications for wire-to-board interconnect.